" I took part in Sylvie’s baby massage classes when Jack was 5 months old. Her welcoming presence, her clear explanations have really motivated me to massage Jack on a regular basis (I had books about Shantala massage at home but never..."

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Why is baby massage important?

During your baby’s nine months in the womb, it is in constant contact with its mother’s body. As early as eight weeks gestation, your baby is already sensitive to touch. And as he or she grows - taking more space and pressing even more on its mother – the sensation increases.

After the birth, not only is your baby overwhelmed by the new experiences bombarding all of its senses, he or she also loses the physical security and reassurance that the womb provided.

Massage, the touch of loving hands, can help your baby overcome this feeling of vulnerability and exposure, and will contribute to a general feeling of being safe and nurtured. It can also bring a whole range of physical benefits, such as helping early problems with the digestive system and easing congestion, and psychological benefits, such as calming babies who are agitated and helping them understand how their different body parts connect.

But don’t forget that giving a massage can be just as rewarding as receiving one, and there are indeed many benefits for you too. As massage requires you to be fully attentive to your baby, it provides a unique opportunity to observe his or her cues. This should leave you better able to understand his or her wants and needs, thereby improving parent-child communication – a real help if you are experiencing difficulties understanding your baby’s needs and various emotions. Learning to massage can also help you feel more confident in your parenting skills as you will know how you can help ‘treat’ problems such as indigestion, distress or general restlessness.

In as few as four sessions you can learn how to massage your baby. And then, with just ten minutes or so every day in a calm, warm and reassuring environment, with a contented baby, you can start to make a real difference to your whole family’s wellbeing!